Range Rover Diagnostics

We are Range Rover diagnostics specialists based in Alva, Clackmannanshire. We diagnose, repair and reprogram Range Rover vehicles using the latest diagnostics technology. We also offer late model diagnostics programming and repair. Get in touch today.

Range Rover Diagnostics Specialists

Our team at 4×4 Specialists use the latest diagnostics technology with dealer level capabilities.

Our specialists use systems and support similar to that enjoyed by the dealer networks, allowing us to deal with the simplest and the most complex nuances that cause your Range Rover to ‘fault out’.

We understand that it is frustrating to suffer total or partial breakdown, more so to have wasted good time and money only keep experiencing the same problem.

That’s why our specialists have invested in the best Range Rover diagnostics technology. We have, in addition to standard dealer diagnostic and programming system, Pathfinder – the new generation dealer tool which is a prerequisite for programming and diagnostics on all new Range Rovers from 2016 onwards. We are also specialists in repairing, diagnosing and resetting new generation Ingenium engine and SCR systems fitted to all new euro 5 and 6 Range Rovers. As well as this, we offer late model diagnostics programming and repair.

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Learn More about our Industry Leading technology

As Land Rover introduces new Range Rover models, each vehicle becomes more and more technically advanced. As a result their electronic systems become more complex. That’s why it’s important to us that we keep to date with the ever changing and advancing Range Rover diagnostics systems. Keeping on top of the latest systems means we can identify and repair issues with all Range Rover models including Evoque, Velar, Sport and the Land Rover Discovery. Learn more about the Range Rover diagnostics technology our specialists use below.

The automotive world is transforming. The rapid pace of technological change, and the increasingly complex challenges that come with it, mean that successful workshops need ever-more sophisticated technical support. That's why our Range Rover Independent Specialist use Autologic.

Autologic offers a complete solution: Industry-leading diagnostics equipment together with expert guidance and service. It’s a unique combination that enables us to tackle every job with greater confidence, efficiency and profitability.

Autologic is multi-function diagnostic hardware and software platform covering a wide vehicle range which allows deep diagnostic capability to independent workshops, like us. It’s an invaluable support tool for our workshop that gives dealer level capability and technological data and real time support to ensure confident repair of your Range Rover.

J2534, also known as Pass-Thru, ensures that we, as an independent repair shop can work on modern cars and have cost-effective access to information and ECU programming downloads from vehicle manufacturer when required.

SAE J2534 is a communications standard adopted by vehicle manufacturers that enables compliant devices to reprogram vehicle ECUs. European and US legislation requires vehicle manufacturers to make vehicles, diagnostic and reprogramming applications that are compatible with J2534 devices, without this there is very little can be done on most modern cars.

We have been working with Pass-Thru technologies since the start and we are highly regarded as one of the industry leaders.

Dealer Level Capabilities

We are professional diagnostics specialists with dealer level capabilities. Enjoy dealer level quality at reduced costs from our Independent Range Rover diagnostics specialists. Get in touch with our team today. We’re based in Alva, Clackmannanshire but easily accessed for Range Rover owners in Stirlingshire and Falkirk too.


Took my defender here, got my brakes and suspension upgraded as well as getting my gearbox fixed as it kept jumping out of first and fifth gear. Very happy with the work carried out, confident mechanic, he knew what he was talking about. Quick work at a good price.
Stephen Johnstone
Had an ongoing problem with my Range rover electrics that kept recurring. Main dealer was useless at anything other than taking my money. Was fixed in a couple of days for a fraction of the cost spent at the main dealers- can definitely recommend these guys!
Elena Jatsuk

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