Range Rover Sport Specialist

Range Rover Sport specialist based in Alva, Clackmannanshire. We offer servicing, transmission and diagnostics using Genuine Original Equipment and the latest technologies. Get in touch with our specialists today to book an appointment.

Service Options

Whether your Range Rover Sport is in need of a service or some long overdue TLC, our team at 4×4 Specialists are able to help. We are an Independent Range Rover Sport specialist, using only Original Equipment (OE) and the latest servicing techniques to deliver a service of the highest quality. Get in touch to book your Independent Range Rover service today.

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Interim Service

A 6-month, 49-point service. Designed for the high mileage car user, or where the manufacturer recommends more frequent checks between annual services. This service includes an oil and filter change, top up of essential fluids, as well as brake, steering and suspension checks.
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Full & Major Service

A full service includes an engine oil and oil filter change, air filter change, and a top up of brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant. A 24-month major service includes everything in a full service and covers all other areas of essential maintenance.

Mechanic pouring oil | Range Rover Sport specialist Falkirk, Stirling, Alloa

Oil Service & Filter Change

With our Oil and Filter Change service, one of our specialists will drain the old oil and replace it with new oil to your manufacturer’s specification. They will also replace the oil filter at the same time.

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Repairs & Diagnostics

If you’re concerned about a fault with your Range Rover Sport, our specialists can carry out a number of different checks to diagnose and fix the issue to keep your car on the road.

Range Rover Sport Service

Have your vehicle serviced by a Range Rover Sport specialist. Our Range Rover Sport service is Manufacturer approved which means your Manufacturer warranty will not be affected. Our specialists use Genuine Original Equipment (OE) parts and lubricants to ensure compliance with Range Rover warranty requirements.

The type of service required will depend on your Range Rover Sport’s age, milage etc. We will asses your Range Rover and provide service recommendations. The service assessment includes reference to your Range Rover’s service history as well as a visual inspection of your vehicle. To book an independent Range Rover Sport service, get in touch today.

Routine services should be completed within the day. If any additional non routine work needs carried out, this may not be able to be done on the same day. If we find anything that requires further attention during the service, we will contact you with our recommendations and timescales.

  • Please bring your service log book with you
  • Let us know of any faults you have noticed with your vehicle

Pricing will vary depending on the type of service required. Please contact us to obtain an accurate quote.

Your warranty will not be affected by a service at 4x4 Specialists. The Block Exemption Regulation allows car owners to choose a workshop of their choice for servicing and maintenance of their vehicle. Our team only use Original Equipment (OE) parts and lubricants to ensure compliance with Range Rover warranty requirements.

Get In Touch with our Range Rover Sport Specialist

Contact us today to book an appointment with our Range Rover Sport specialist. Our team are based in Alva, Clackmannanshire within easy reach of Stirling, Alloa and Falkirk.


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